This replica of a Kentucky limestone cavern is one of the highlights of this highly interactive 展览. 黑暗洞穴中的五个世界, 深海, 地下, 夜晚的沙漠, and a swamp at night—and how humans have adapted to darkness are explored in this popular 展览. Below, a whole body interactive turns this visitor into a jellyfish. Interactive games explore the food web and adaptations; accurate dioramas reveal previously unseen worlds.


(2015年1月首播于 国家地下铁路自由中心)

2014年秋天 大屠杀和人道主义教育中心 与辛辛那提博物馆中心合作, 国家地下铁路自由中心 and local collector Steven Cassidy to create an original 展览ion commemorating the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz and of thousands of other Nazi camps. 将于1月10日在自由中心首演. 2015年5月29日至27日, 70年后打开奥斯威辛之门 led visitors to discover stories of humanity and survival within the Auschwitz concentration camp, bringing together powerful local Holocaust survivor accounts with never-before-seen artifacts and rare images from Cassidy’s collection, 以及美国犹太人档案, Klau Library and the 大屠杀和人道主义教育中心. The 展览ion was brought to Cincinnati through the generous support of The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati and The Carol Ann and Ralph V. 海丽,小./U.S. 银行基础.


(2,500 ft.(2008年3月在辛辛那提博物馆中心首演)

辛辛那提博物馆中心举办的展览, organized for travel by Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Services and made possible through the generous support of Ford Motor Company Fund. This 展览 celebrates 20 African American women—from key 19th century historical figures to contemporary leaders—who have fought for equality for people of color. 游客们进入了历史的篇章, meeting each of these women via large format photographs and a short biography. Artifacts and multimedia elements bring their stories to life. 游客们在公共汽车上“坐在”罗莎·帕克斯旁边. A barking dog confronts visitors as civil rights activists were confronted. 一罐软糖代表不公平的投票限制.


巴特勒县(俄亥俄州)土壤完成安装 & 节水区. 辛辛那提博物馆中心的工作人员配备了一个35英尺的. trailer with an 展览 that allows visitors to walk through an 地下 world highlighted by interactive question and answer tools, specimen drawers housing fossils and models of aquatic creatures, 风暴排水, 排水瓦, 植物根系和含水层. 逼真的立体模型, 标本, question and answer flips and fossil drawers get kids into dirt and water without getting them dirty. 松鼠的冬季贮藏地.


For a new entertainment destination north of Cincinnati in Butler County, Cincinnati Museum Center constructed several electronic units for the railroad museum, a 5,000 ft. 8万英尺的部分. 专为火车爱好者设计的设施. 互动式信息亭测试游客对火车的了解. Scrim units provide a before and after look at train icons throughout history.


(2,500 ft.,巡演于2015年结束)

交互式决策服务站, 地图, sixteen cases of artifacts and audiovisuals allow visitors to examine the concept of “borders”—physical, 文化, 意识形态——在美国内战期间. 真人大小的舞台——一个招募站, 士兵的帐篷, Camp Nelson and a sanitary fair—afford opportunities for first-person interpretation. 辛辛那提博物馆中心的工作人员缩减了一万平方英尺. ft. 展览在这个广受欢迎的2500平方米. ft. 这个版本已经去了肯塔基州, 密歇根, 加州, 华盛顿, 乔治亚州, 印第安纳州, 和佛罗里达.

土方工程: Virtual Explorations of the Ancient Ohio Valley

(500 ft., 2006-2009)

Created in conjunction with the Center for the Electronic Reconstruction of Archaeological and Historical Sites (CERHAS), 土方工程 利用CERHAS开发的视觉成像技术, touchable models and two-dimensional graphics to “see” earthen effigies, 堤防, 成堆, roadways and geometric enclosures of astonishing size and precision that were built between 800 and 2,400年前. Interactive components allow visitors to “tour” electronically reconstructed models of earthworks that time and human presence have eroded down to nearly nothing.


(1,800 ft., 1994-2011)

The causes of extinction are explored through dioramas and interactives. 这是辛辛那提博物馆中心的第一个巡回展览. Below, a mother fox negotiates a construction site that threatens her nearby den. 网上赌搏网站十大排行ors search out a safe path for a black bear trying to move from one forested area to another through a city.


(2,500 ft.(巡回演出至2015年年中)

One of Cincinnati Museum Center’s most popular traveling 展览s, 像我一样的孩子 向孩子们介绍世界各地的同行. 根据多林·金德斯利的同名小说改编, 这个展览鼓励孩子们做:试穿衣服, 玩游戏, 做家务, explore the ways in which we are not so different while celebrating the things that make us all unique.



A new permanent installation called Explorahouse gets kids interested in the “behind the scenes” of their own houses. 这个空间鼓励运动和探索光线, 热量和水是如何在它们的家里流动的. 儿童花园, 另一个永久装置, is an interactive play area that brings the outdoors inside and gives kids a large, 以丰富多彩的方式探索自己的后院.


2009年,辛辛那提博物馆中心与 恐龙出土 to build interactives to enhance 恐龙出土’s collection of exciting servomotordriven, 真人大小的恐龙. 第一套三个售货亭在St. 路易斯科学中心,占地15000平方英尺. ft. 恐龙出土 展览. 第四个售货亭, which tests guests’ knowledge about what is and is not a dinosaur, 2010年春季在另外两个地方首映. Each kiosk introduces visitors to various adaptations of dinosaurs: digestion, sounds and anatomy. A real, touchable bone specimen is the centerpiece of the anatomy kiosk. 网上赌搏网站十大排行ors manipulate a simulated chicken gizzard to understand how gastroliths worked. A mechanical interactive produces the kind of sounds that duck-billed dinosaurs might have made in the way the hollow bones of the skull would have worked.

女性 & 精神:美国天主教修女会

女性 & 精神:美国天主教修女会 records and celebrates the indelible legacy these women have left on this country since they first landed here more than 300 years ago. The Leadership Conference of 女性 Religious retained CMC as the Institution of Record and contracted Museum Center to create mounts, 为旅行准备展品,管理展品参观. 在辛辛那提首映后, 女性 & 精神 opened at The 女性’s Museum: An Institute for the Future in Dallas followed by the Ripley International Gallery at the Smithsonian.