Position Overview

The Emerging Scholars Fellowship is a new initiative that invites researchers to use CMC’s manuscript collections in the Cincinnati History Library and Archives. Each calendar year, a fellowship in the amount of $2,000 will assist one such researcher in an approved and sanctioned project. The funds may be used at the discretion of the researcher, including for transportation, 住房, 照顾孩子, 影印, 等. Recipients will receive $1,000 at the beginning of their fellowship and the remaining $1,000 upon completion of their research.


Who may apply for the Emerging Scholars Fellowship?

  • Applicants enrolled in and working toward an advanced degree (Masters or PhD) in history, 公共历史, or museum studies at an accredited college or university. Undergraduates are not eligible.
  • Applicants teaching as part-time adjunct professors or instructors.
  • Applicants who identify as independent scholars.

澄清一下, 新兴 suggests that applicants are either in training for their future careers or working in a teaching position that does not offer institutional support for research.

CMC is committed to diversity, equity, access, and inclusion. We acknowledge how we’re alike and embrace how we’re different. When we work with empathy and equity, we can build a better community together.


Please share how you plan to use CMC’s collections to uncover stories of our region’s history. CMC’s manuscript holdings represent a broad geographic and cultural footprint. Help us discover the gems in our collections. CMC encourages a variety of projects, from scholarly articles to podcasts to blogs.

In your application, please include the following:

  • Working Title for Your Project
  • Summary of your project, including a topical overview, a list of collections you intend to use in your research, and what you hope to discover (2 pages, 双倍行距).
  • One letter of reference from a guide or mentor.
  • Recent copy of your C.V. (not to exceed 3 pages).
  • How you plan to share your project results with CMC.

CMC will review applications by how well they:

  • Demonstrate a clear plan to use CMC’s manuscript collections.
  • Explore new and/or compelling narratives about Cincinnati’s regional history.
  • Link to broader national narratives.

Send applications to: library@klhg3696.com
报告: Jill Beitz – Manager of Reference and Research, Cincinnati History Library and Archives

Please click here to download and review the following document.

Cincinnati Museum Center (“CMC”) /National Underground Railroad Freedom Center (“NURFC”) wants to maintain a competitive benefits program strategically positioned to improve benefit results and provide high-value choices for employees.

We are currently seeking proposals for a consulting and brokerage strategic partnership for our employee benefits program.

Decision criteria for selecting a partner include:

  • Strategic approach to the business
  • Ability to optimize benefit expenditures
  • Competencies in benchmarking and competitive positioning
  • Cultural and philosophical fit with organization

2023年4月14日: RFP Sent to Proposed Brokers
2023年4月30日: Deadline for RFP clarifications
2023年5月12日: RFP responses due back from Vendors by end of business Day
2023年5月31日: Completion of proposal review
2023年6月20日: In-person Interviews of finalists selected (if applicable)
2023年6月30日: 最后的决定


Please submit your proposal using the headings, 问题, 刻字, and numbering shown and be as direct and brief as possible in your response. Proposals can be emailed to rfp@klhg3696.com.

Please click here to download and review the following document.


For more information, contact rfp@klhg3696.com.